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Help Kids Cope

Is your family ready for the next disaster?

In cooperation with the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress and the Missouri Foundation for Health, Ozark Center developed Help Kids Cope, an app that provides guidance in addressing 10 types of disasters, including tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes and winter storms. Parent audio icons are located throughout the app — simply tap on these to hear a parent’s personal story.The app also features tips on speaking to children before, during and after a natural disaster. Help Kids Cope helps adults understand how children commonly respond during and after disasters and offers checklists to help families prepare for natural disasters.

  • Learn what to do before, during and after ten disaster types
  • Know what to say "in the moment" to help calm an support your kids of all ages
  • Hear audio clips of other parents' experiences
  • Understand how kids commonly respond during and after disasters
  • Use checklists to prepare your entire family before disasters
  • Explain different disasters to your kids using age-appropriate language
  • Find tips on caring for yourself – as you care for your family
  • Connect to activities, children's books, tip sheets and more

Available for free download from Google Play and iTunes.