Substance Use/Addiction

Ozark Center provides substance abuse services, treatment and support networks for the community through its New Directions program. Comprehensive services are offered by New Directions through an umbrella of separate but interrelated components, including substance use, recovery support and anger management programs.


Residential treatment
Our residential treatment program is for individuals whose substance use has progressed to the degree they need a structured environment to begin recovery. Residents may need temporary removal from their living situation to facilitate their recovery process.

Family treatment
Substance use afflicts not only the addicted person, but has disruptive and devastating effects upon family members. The family suffers symptoms like the addicted individual, such as denial, guilt, anxiety and alienation. It is crucial to the addict's recovery that the family's needs be addressed while the individual is treated. Family treatment services include therapy, education, support groups, co-dependency counseling and group counseling.

Modified Medical Detoxification Services
This New Directions program serves individuals whose detoxification requires 24-hour nursing observation.

Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)
SATOP is for those who have been convicted of a traffic violation involving substance use while driving. It provides education, assessment and appropriate referrals for more intensive services to those who have been convicted of an alcohol-related traffic offense. The only walk-in initial assessment program in the area; walk in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 8 am - 12 pm for your initial assessment. Learn more about SATOP.

Short-term Opportunities for Probation and Parole (STOPP)
STOPP is for patients referred to Ozark Center by the Division of Probation and Parole. Basic treatment for this program consists of individual therapy, group counseling and group education over the course of 10 weeks. STOPP is offered at our Neosho location.

Drug court services
A court-supervised, comprehensive treatment program, Drug Court includes drug testing, individual and group counseling, and regular appearances before the Drug Court Judge. The treatment team also assists participants with referrals for vocational training, obtaining education and skills assessments, and job placement services.

Smoking cessation
Quitting smoking is hard to do. That’s why Ozark Center takes a beginning-a-new-life approach. Smoking cessation classes at Ozark Center provide participants a great supportive resource and materials at no charge. For specific information regarding start dates and times for classes, please call 417.347.7730. Learn more about the smoking cessation program.

Anger management
Anger management classes offer topics including anger management skills, relaxation techniques, effective communication skills, and examining underlying issues that create anger problems. Participants, both court-appointed and self-referred, attend an initial screening and if they meet a certain criteria, will attend the anger management course. There is an initial fee of $30 for a screening. If you are referred to the program the cost will be $150 to be paid in cash or by money order.

Alternatives to Violence
Alternatives to Violence is an intensive anger management program designed for male clients who have charges related to domestic violence or other violent offenses, such as assault. Learn more about Alternatives to Violence.

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